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Bassi Wildlife Sanctuary - Chittorgarh

Bassi Wildlife Sanctuary - Chittorgarh

About Wildlife Sanctuary

Bassi Wildlife Sanctuary is located in the Chittorgarh district of the Indian state of Rajasthan, near the Bassi region. It was founded in 1988 and covers an area of 15,290 hectares. The sanctuary is located on the western border of the Vindhyachal Ranges, and it includes the Bassi and Orai dams. Bassi Fort Palace is located 5 kilometres away. The Bassi Wildlife Sanctuary has gentle slopes and vast stretches of large lakes. The lush greenery makes it an ideal location for experiencing nature's beauty.


This beautiful and diverse sanctuary, located 25 kilometres from Chittorgarh city, is home to trees such as Dhok, Salar, Churel, and Butea, as well as a variety of medicinal herbs and flowers. Wild Boar, Mongoose, Leopard, Antelopes, Jackal, Crocodile, Civet, Spotted Deer, Panther, Porcupine, Langur, Wild cat, Chinkara, Blue Bull, Hyenas, Fox, Hare, Four Horned Antelopes, and many other animals are also housed at the sanctuary. The Bassi Wildlife Sanctuary is also popular with migratory birds, who visit throughout the year. A visit to this sanctuary ensures solitude and peace, punctuated only by nature's soothing sounds.


Winter is the best time to visit Bassi Wildlife Sanctuary because it attracts a large number of magnificent winged visitors. The sanctuary is open to tourists all year, but it is especially beautiful in the autumn months of October and November.


The sanctuary is well connected to neighbouring states via roadways. Tourists can use Rajasthan highways or private bus services. The nearest airport is Dabok Airport in Udaipur, which is about 70 kilometres away and connects to all major cities in India. The nearest railway station is Chittaurgarh Railway Station, which is 21 kilometres away.


Flora and Fauna of Bassi Wildlife Sanctuary


Bassi Wildlife Sanctuary is home to a diverse range of flora and fauna. It is an excellent wildlife refuge where animals can roam freely in their natural habitat without interference from humans. Wild Boar, Mongoose, Leopard, Antelopes, Jackal, Crocodile, Civet, Spotted Deer, Panther, Porcupine, Langur, Blue Bull, Fox, Hare, and many other species can be found here.


Rock Eagle Owl, Lesser Golden-backed Woodpecker, Black-headed Cuckoo-shrike, Asian Paradise-flycatcher, Painted Stork, Asian Openbill Stork, Sparrowhawk, Indian Peafowl, and other exotic birds frequent the sanctuary. Several migratory birds, including cranes and pelicans, arrive from far away during the winter. Bassi Wildlife Sanctuary is a lesser-known sanctuary that is a wildlife enthusiast's dream.


Best Time to Visit Bassi Wildlife Sanctuary of Chittorgarh


Bassi Wildlife Sanctuary is a spectacular tourist destination that welcomes visitors all year. This sanctuary is popular with both locals and foreign tourists. The months of October to February are considered the best for visiting this location because the pleasant temperatures make the conditions ideal for visitors.


How to Reach Bassi Wildlife Sanctuary 

The Bassi Wildlife Sanctuary is close to Bassi village. It has a well-established network of roadways that make it easy for people to get there. Local transportation is thought to be the best option for visiting Bassi Wildlife Sanctuary.


By Air: The nearest airport to Bassi wildlife in Chittorgarh is Maharana Pratap Airport in Udaipur. The sanctuary is located on National Highway 27 about 132 kilometres from the airport.


By Train: The nearest railway station to the Bassi sanctuary is Basi Beriasla, which is about 6 kilometres away. Chittorgarh Junction is another option, about 40 kilometres from Bassi.


By Road: The Bassi Wildlife Sanctuary is located on NH-52 in the Indian state of Rajasthan. Bus services are available at all times from major bus stops throughout the state and in neighbouring states. The distance between the destination and major Rajasthan cities.


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