Jim Corbett National Park - Uttarakhand


The only national park in India, Jim Corbett, allows overnight stays in the jungle.

In the Uttarakhand province's Nainital district sits Corbett National Park, a smaller portion of the larger Corbett Tiger Reserve and a Project Tiger Reserve. For its abundance of tigers, the enchanted terrain of Corbett is well-known and legendary. As India's oldest and most prominent National Park, Corbett was first established in 1936 as Hailey National Park. It is also recognized for being the site of the 1973 debut of Project Tiger. The Project Tiger in India, which was founded to safeguard the most endangered species and the Royal of India known as Tigers, was born in this special tiger territory, making it best recognized as its father.

With a total size of 520 square kilometers, it is made up of hills, grasslands, riverine belts, marshy depressions, and a sizable lake. One of the few tiger reserves in India that permit overnight stays within the National Park is this one. On an elephant's back and in an open-wheeled Jeep, visitors to the park can observe the natural world and wildlife. The national park is one of the most popular travel destinations for wildlife enthusiasts because it is home to a robust population of tigers and unique species like otters and the endemic fish-eating crocodile. The most well-liked location is Dhikala, which is located on the edge of the vast Patil Dun valley.

Jim Corbett National Park's Zone :

The Tourist Zones: Corbett National Park has been divided into five distinct zones to increase tourism in the area. These are the designated core or buffer areas of the park where guests can participate in a wildlife safari and observe the fascinating behavior of the animals up close with their own eyes.

Bijrani Safari Zone: Due to its abundance of natural beauty and wide-open grasslands, Bijrani Zone is a very well-liked tourist destination. Only one km separates the zone's entry gate from Ramnagar city.

Jhirna Safari Zone: Jhirna is a year-round visitor destination and another significant tourism area in Jim Corbett National Park. 16 kilometers separate Jhirna Gate from Ramnagar city.

Dhela Safari Zone: In November 2014, Corbett National Park included Dhela as an additional ecotourism area to the tiger reserve. Tourists can only enter this portion of the reserve's border zone in CTR. The area, which is around 13 kilometers from Ramnagar City, is drawing a lot of tourists because of its diverse flora and wildlife and year-round accessibility.

Dhikala Zone: The largest and most diversified area of jungle in Corbett, the Dhikala Zone is renowned for its abundance of natural beauty and for providing the best views of exotic animals. The distance from Ramnagar city to the entry gate is 18 kilometers. For die-hard wildlife aficionados, a night stay inside the Dhikala Tourism Zone is highly advised.

 Durga Devi Zone: Durga Devi Zone is heaven on earth for bird watchers, and it is situated on the northeastern edge of Jim Corbett National Park. About 36 kilometers separate the entry gate from Ramnagar city.

Sitabani Buffer Zone: The Corbett Tiger Reserve does not include the Sitabani Zone. Visit the Sitabani area if you enjoy the tranquil atmosphere of natural beauty.

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