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Noori T-105

Noori T-105

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A tigress from Ranthambore National Park who is quite young and fearless. She wanders around Zone No. 2's Phuta-Banda, Magar-Deh, and Pandu-Deh. She could have been born in July or August of 2016.

Noori(T-105) Offspring of Noor (T-39)

She is T-39's offspring. The legendary mother of Ranthambore is her mother, Noor, also known as T-39. She rules over the tiger populations in the national parks Singhdwar-Sultanpur-Kala-Peela-Pani, Khemcha- Kund, Phootah-Bhanda, Kishi ka Deh, Soleshwar, Chuli-Deh, and Amareshawar Dang regions. She coexists in her territory with T-57, also known as Singhsth, a powerful male tiger from Ranthambore. In the summer and fall of 2016, T-39, a wonderful mother, gave birth to her fourth litter, which included three females.

At zone, No. 1 during the Ranthambore safari on November 8, 2016, nature guide Shard Sharma made the first sighting of the fourth litter of T-39. The cubs should be 3 or 4 months old at that point.

Noori, also known as T-105, is a member of T-39's fourth litter. She established herself in zone no. 2 after becoming an adult, whereas her two sisters—T-107 aka Aleph and T-106, who were both moved to the Mukundara Hills Tiger Reserve on December 18—made zone no. 1 their permanent home. Enjoy your Ranthambore safari in zone no. 2 hence.

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