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T-41 aka Junglee , Ranthambore Tigress

T-41 aka Junglee , Ranthambore Tigress

Tiger Code



19 Year

First Seen

October 1997


Zone no. 4, 5 and Ranthambhore Rd.





Identification Sign



T-4 (Berada female) and Big Daddy had Junglee, also known as Tigress T-41, in Ranthambore's stunning Berda Valley. She and her sibling Berda (a male cub) (T-40) were very well-liked by the regular tour guides and tourists.


Unfortunately, after a battle with another tiger nearby over a prey item, the mother of the cubs passed away at the age of a year from an infection. Following this episode, the cubs were able to coax and encourage each other while hunting and learning the fundamentals of survival for a further year.

Due to her unyielding will to survive, Junglee rose to fame in her neighborhood and established herself in her birthplace as a member of the governing class alongside her brother T40. She ruled over the Ranthambore National Park areas of Berda, Semli, Bhakola Valley, and Adidant.

Later on, it was noticed that the two siblings began tussling with Semli (T-6), a dominant male tiger, for control of their home region. The fight concluded with T-41's brother escaping the area after being chased away. Junglee had to coexist with him (Semli Male) by making peace with him and routinely mating with him.

It was because of this incident that I had the chance to routinely see the brave and soon-to-be couple wooing each other in the neighborhood (in late April and then again in June). In November 2012, the first litter of their little cubs was born as a result of their romance.

Indulging and treating her cubs as she gets adjusted to the new rhythm of life as a mother, Junglee is currently loving her new role as a mother. She now spends her days grabbing a quick bite to eat, replenishing her thirst, and feeding her hungry pups, who are still blind for the first ten to fourteen days.

While the dominant Semli Male, who lives in the Berda region (on the outside of the visitor's zone), is frequently seen supervising and overindulging with his tigress (Junglee) on some nearby food. His work as a father is also very important.

As a result, the T-41 tigress is currently raising her two pups and their devoted father in a family setting. Seeing this endearing family at Ranthambore is truly valuable to everyone.

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