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The Notorious Queen of Ranthambore, Riddhi-T-124

The Notorious Queen of Ranthambore, Riddhi-T-124

Wherever she goes, it becomes the road itself.

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In the world of tigers, the sixth generation of the fabled Tigress Machali (The Lady of the Lake) is attracting the attention of wildlife enthusiasts in Ranthambore's wilderness. Machali's great granddaughter Riddhi, also known as T-124, is the talk of the forest because of her brazen and adventurous temperament.

A tale of daring bravery and a power struggle

Tigress Riddhi, who has always had an adventurous spirit, had the audacity to disagree with her mother, Tigress Arrowhead, concerning territory. She is on par with her great grandma Machali in terms of bravery. Tigress Arrowhead gave birth to two tiger cubs named Riddhi and Siddhi. They stayed with their mother for a while, but the lovely mother-daughter scene was short-lived. Both are brave, but Riddhi stands out for her strength and daring spirit. Her mother's domain became her domain. With her daring glances at Padam Lake, Raj-Bag, Malik Lake, and Mandoob area from zones 3 and 4, she can toss you.

This is Ranthambore's heartland, where Machali ruled for many years, followed by her daughter Sundari, Krishna, and eventually Arrowhead, who continued the family's dominance. This idyllic Tiger habitat area, surrounded by lovely waterfalls and ponds, is where Riddhi, Arrowhead's daughter, currently rules the hearts of wildlife enthusiasts.

Riddhi has captured the hearts of forest officials, guides, animal lovers, and drivers alike. Riddhi's bold yells and reports of her popularity echo through the woods.

A Fierce Fight Between Sisters – A First in Wildlife History

The fierce territorial rivalry between Riddhi and sister Siddhi is interesting to see. The furious conflict between the two sisters fascinates tourists who come to Ranthambore to see these ferocious tigresses. Tourists have occasionally witnessed and photographed them fighting. Riddhi has been bruised on her shoulders and has a cut on her tongue as a result of their fighting. Riddhi, the tigress, has 14 stitches on her tongue, which is an incredible number. In the last few months, there have been more than five territorial wars.

Transfer to Sariska National Park and Rumors

According to forest officers who spotted Riddhi chasing down T-102, a tiger cub, she is thought to have killed him in the Tamba Khan area of Ranthambore National Park. As a result of these incidents and the struggle between Riddhi and Siddhi over the region, the tigress Riddhi will be moved to Sariska Tiger Reserve. As the cat population rises in Ranthambore Tiger Reserve, there is a lack of space and a risk of territorial disputes. To relieve the pressure, Riddhi will be moved out of Ranthambore on her new adventure.

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