Ranthambore Natioanl Park

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Tiger T-61 aka Junior Ladali

T-61 is a young tigress, about four years old. T-8's daughter, Ladali's mother, and T-34's father, Kumbha.


Tiger T-8 aka Ladali

T-8 is a shy and resident tigress. T-5's daughter, Kchida's mother, and T-2's father.


the Dominant Tiger T-6 Aka Romeo

The dominant tiger of Ranthambhore Tiger Reserve, his current territory is the park's Chiroli area, which is closed to tourists.


Neelam- The Queen of Kanha

She is the one who weaves the Dark Tales of the Jungle, and with a blink of my eye, she disappears into the dense Foliage, never to be seen again.


Kajri the Tigress - Queen of the Jungle - Bandhavgarh National Park

Kajri, also known as Bachchi, was born in 2016 to Spotty and Mangu male. She established her territory near her mother's and claimed Banbehi female's territory. She has been reported to have mated successfully with Chakrdhara male, and we hope to see her first litter soon.


The Life Story of Tigress Jhalra Female (T-19)

The T-19 is a progeny of the well-known Machali tigress. She was born during the monsoon season in 2006, along with her sisters Satara and Athara. A tourist car discovered the mother and all three cubs for the first time. T-19 has always been the most reserved tigress in Ranthambore. She was seen mating with T-28 (or Star Male) between 2010 and 2011. T-19 is now the happy owner of a huge area in the Lahpur Valley.

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